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For us, quality means meeting the expectations of our customers because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our quality standards are an important part of our company and are firmly anchored in our guidelines. Every employee sees it as their responsibility to contribute to the continuous development of products and processes.

We are constantly working on the further development and improvement of our products and internal processes. Our certifications ensure that we consistently implement the prescribed structured processes in research, development, production, sales and service and adhere to the strict national and international standards for medical devices.

The accredited certification authority MDC controls and monitors our quality standards and our products annually. In addition, many of our products have been approved or are in the approval process as medical devices worldwide.

Regulatory Compliance / Approvals
MDR (Medical Device Regulations)

We are proud of our mediCAD® brand. It clearly assigns our products and services to our company and is our unique selling point.mediCAD® gives you, as a customer, the confidence and security in the quality of our products and services. That's why we have mediCAD® protected worldwide.
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