Simple and accurate measuring procedures

mediCAD® 3D Shoulder module supports you in shoulder endoprosthesis planning. A variety of classical measurements can be carried out and recorded:

Schulter EN 30• Exact assessment of the Glenoid type according to Walch
• Determination of the size of the glenoid
• Determination of inclination angle
• Humeral retroversion
• Glenoid retroversion
• Medial head offset
• Inclination angle of resection
• Anatomic Neck Cut Diameter
• Humeral neck shaft angle
• Humeral head thickness

Schulter EN 31

The measurements are displayed directly on the 3D model as well as in a structured result list. Where possible, an evaluation is carried out, based on the standard range and its compliance or over- / undercut is shown in color. mediCAD® 3D Shoulder will help you get the most out of your working time.

In this way, mediCAD® shoulder 3D helps you to save most of the working time that was previously necessary. This means you have significantly more time to advise your patient and to prepare for the upcoming operation.