3D Knee Sport

Two special features of mediCAD® 3D Knee Sport include modules for "Patellofemoral Measurements" and "Corrective Osteotomy", which quickly allow you to measure pathologies at both the tibiofemoral and patellofemoral joints and to plan treatment by means of an osteotomy.

Patellofemoral Measurements
Some of the pathologies of the patellofemoral joint relate to patella tracking. A luxating patella is unpleasant and painful. Misalignments can be easily dimensioned with the measurements listed below.

knee sport1

Measurement Options:
• Measurement of TT-TG distance
• Measurement of TT-PCL distance (using MRI)
• Sulcus angle
• Trochlear depth
• Measurement of leg axis
• Determination of patella angle
• Definition of patella height (Insall-Salvati, Caton-Deschamps)
• Femoral torsion (according to Waidelich and Schneider)
• Tibial torsion (according to Waidelich and Jend)
• Trochlear classification according to Dejour

Corrective Osteotomy
A corrective osteotomy addresses problems in the patellofemoral joint, among others. In patellar tracking due to a malrotation of the distal femur, maltracking can be corrected with a derotation osteotomy.

knee sport2Measurement and planning options:
• Measurement of the leg axes including femoral and tibial torsion
• Measurement of the tibial posterior slope
• Planning a HTO or a DFO
• Planning a biplanar osteotomy
• Planning a derotation osteotomy
• Measurements and planning in 2D and 3D
• Imaging: CT, MRI, CBCT, X-ray