mediCAD 3D Hand

Available: 2021

Your powerful tool for hand surgery

Our software product mediCAD® 3D Hand opens up completely new possibilities for hand surgery for measurements on the hand and the planning of endoprostheses. With the help of X-rays, CTs, MRTs and DVTs, you can carry out very precise preoperative planning and surgical preparations. mediCAD® 3D Hand offers a modern, intuitive user interface that leads directly to the goal, as well as the familiar, comfortable connection to the existing PAC system of your clinic. mediCAD® 3D Hand was developed in close cooperation with specialists in the field of hand surgery and is constantly being improved.

mediCAD 3D Hand

The most important advantages and performance features:

  • Anatomical 3D and 2D viewing
  • Planning on X-ray, CT low dose, MRT and DVT images
  • Interactive help with planning
  • Glass view for better visibility of the planned situation
  • Visualization of the contact between implant and bone
  • Wrist and finger joint measurements
  • Automatic digital documentation of preoperative planning (OP report)
  • Import and export to or from any PAC system