mediCAD 6 - the new version of the medical planning software

mediCAD Hectec GmbH releases the new version of its mediCAD® 6.X digital planning program. The new version contains numerous expansions developed in response to suggestions from orthopedic surgeons.

As a user, you profit by our strength in listening.
The number of customers of mediCAD® 6.X is constantly rising, which shows us that with our software, we efficiently accompany and support your daily work. We are always pleased to receive your feedback on potentially developing the software further, to meet your needs.

In the new version the focus is set on simplifying your work, i.e. automatic repositioning in the hip planning, automatic recognition of the femur axis when measuring the offset or a favoritlist in the implant database.

Your access to the 3D world.

In the knee module it is possible to place templates in AP and ML simultaniously. Knee planning made in one step. In the new homescreen in mediCAD® version 6.X, our 3D Modules are included: 3D Spine, 3D Hip, 3D Knee and 3D Shoulder.

The new Version mediCAD® - Design meets Funktion.

Fabian Winter, Productmanager mediCAD® 6.X: "About 3600 clinics, representing about 10,000 doctors around the world, use mediCAD®. We've been developing mediCAD® continuously for more than 20 years, but there are always ways to improve it and new functions to add."

• List of all new features...

If you are a customer already, or a simply interested in the new version of mediCAD®,
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