3D Hip*

Your powerful tool for hip surgery of tomorrow!

mediCAD® 3D Hip opens up entirely new possibilities in terms of carrying out the anatomical assessment, planning and measurements of the hip, thereby implementing optimal, audit-compliant operation preparation.
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A modern and intuitive user interface that takes you straight to your objective and the usual, comfortable connection to an existing PACS system in your clinic are just two of the many reasons why mediCAD® 3D Hip is an indispensable tool for your day-to-day work.
mediCAD® 3D Hip was developed in close collaboration with specialists in the field of hip surgery. Constant development and improvement is the core mission of our company.

The most important performance characteristics:

➔ Anatomical 3D and 2D view
➔ Segmenting of the 3D object
➔ Simple analysis of the current pathological situation
➔ Implant visualisation using 3D shapes that is accurate in every detail
➔ Precise, simple and automatic measurement processes
➔ Simple selection and positioning of implants
➔ Range of Motion (ROM)
➔ Distance and bone contact visualisation
➔ Transparent view for better recognition of the planned position
➔ Individual prosthesis
➔ Removal of the femoral head
➔ Digital documentation
➔ 3D print of the bone/body
➔ Thieme eRef integration

*Not cleared for the US market.


Anatomical 3D & 2D view

mediCAD® 3D Hip offers you various displays for this.

Each image and each plan is different and follows a different objective or requires a different approach. It is therefore sometimes necessary to display the image data from different perspectives.

In addition to the 3D model that can be viewed from all sides, you can show individual 2D slices in an axial, sagittal or coronal plane. You can also display and view the 3D model from several different directions at the same time.

You can switch to the anatomical view in order to better assess the pathological condition.