Implant compatibility

Increased accuracy in implant selection and implant compatibility

Every hip or hip pathology is individual and has its own specific requirements. Therefore, it is of great importance that the surgeon carefully examines the patient's condition before surgery. In addition to radiological examinations and other measures, the preoperative planning of the operation plays a decisive role in the selection of the right implants. mediCAD® 3D Hip Software makes it easier for you to choose the right implants. A large and permanently expanding implant database is at your disposal to help you choose the right prosthesis.

Automatic assembly of modular and non modular implants

The individual requirements of the implants, especially for revision procedures, are given and the determination which implant can be used is only determined by an optimal planning. mediCAD® 3D Hip helps you to make this decision easier. Through previously defined measuring points, the modular and non-modular implants are automatically positioned and assembled.

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