Pedicle Screws and Implants

What screw length do I require?
What is the ideal entry angle?
How deep should or may the screw be drilled in?
How long is the required rod and in which way does it have to be bent?
And what implant is suited best for the particular spine situation?

These and many more questions are answered by the convenient possibilities offered with mediCAD® Spine 3D.

The screw tool allows you to select from various screw types and lengths. On a segmented 3D model, you can additionally select the required vertebra and pedicle side. The pedicle screw is now automatically inserted into the 3D model in a standard position. You can now adjust, rotate, move or drill the screw or switch to another screw type or length entirely.

The implant tool allows you to select from various spine implants, such as cages, plates, vertebra and disk prostheses. These can be also placed into the 3D model and further adjusted as needed. While doing so, you can use the implant tool to filter the implants based on manufacturer, type, material and size. You can also list your personal favorites only, or those used in your hospital.

In case of multiple views (e.g. 3D model and 2D slices), each adjustment is automatically displayed in all views. When working in hybrid planning mode, an automatically adjusted depiction is displayed. This allows you to try out multiple alternative versions, finding the ideal position for the individual situation of the patient and assessing it with regard to various aspects.

All selected and inserted implants are logged in the structured result list, including all relevant parameters, and can be used for further planning and pre-operative preparations.
Thanks to more than 15 years of cooperation with a great number of international spine manufacturers, mediCAD® Spine 3D contains the most up-to-date know how and a monthly updated and extended implant database.