Sagittal Balance

Thanks to hybrid planning and the resulting interaction between x-ray and CT images, mediCAD® Spine 3D offers a significant improvement of your usual procedures - as opposed to the sagittal balance measurements usually performed on 2D images only.
Measurements taken on the 2D image can be automatically applied and therefore used as a basis for subsequent planning on the 3D model.

mediCAD® Spine 3D allows the measurement of the sagittal balance in a single function intuitively guiding the user. By placing just a few required designation points, all values are automatically calculated, drawn in and measured. The measuring results are, like with all automatic measurements, logged in a structured list of results and, when applicable, evaluated with regard to the normal values.

The following values known from spine surgery can be measured by using this function:

- Sacral Slope SS
- Pelvic Tilt PT
- Pelvic Thickness SPT
- Pelvic Thickness CS
- Pelvic Angulation PA
- Pelvisacral Angle PSA
- Pelvic Lordosis Angle PLA
- Pelvic Incidence PI

Subsequently, you can also measure and draw in the following additional values.

- T9 Tilt
- C7 Tilt
- C7 Plumb Line

By just a few mouse clicks, mediCAD® Spine 3D provides all important data you need for further planning.