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The rise of computed tomography with mediCAD

mediCAD® offers you the possibility to plan the surgical procedure in the best possible way.
Only preoperative planning enables an optimal result. Here mediCAD® Classic supports you in the best possible way. You are guided step by step through the planning and receive essential information for the operation, such as stem and, if necessary, cup size, leg length difference, femoral offset, CCD angle, and much more information. 

Mechanical, anatomic, kinematic… TKA alignment techniques: What can I plan and execute by myself?

Is it the "End of an Era" like Riviere et al. claim, which happens now to mechanical alignment in total knee arthroplasty?

At mediCAD® we think a lot about how to make the currently 20-30% unsatisfied TKA patients happy, and we know, since results are consistent throughout many countries with sufficient statistics, that there must be a systematic error in the implant alignment technique performed so far. Where can this error be?

Advantages of preoperative planning of the inverse shoulder prosthesis with mediCAD

Bone deformities of the proximal extremity of the humerus can be degenerative or traumatic. Thanks to new technologies such as mediCAD® 3D Shoulder, the surgical advantages in the preoperative planning of inverse shoulder prostheses have been significantly improved. As a result, the implantation of inverse shoulder prostheses has increased significantly in the field of orthopedic surgery.

The landscape of 3D printing and state-of-the-art mediCAD 3D printing images in surgery

3D Printing applications by mediCAD® in surgery is a ground-breaking technology offering innovative, creative service options for personalized orthopedic surgery care. While 3D printing has been around for a while the development of mediCAD® software that combines this technology to facilitate the work of surgical teams with innovative 3D printing surgery solutions is the perfect fit for the modern-day surgery room.

mediCAD Vet used within the ENVA

Interview with Professor Manassero - ENVA

The National Veterinary School of Alfort (EnvA) at the gates of Paris, is one of four veterinary schools in France. Awarding the diploma of Veterinary Doctor after seven years of theoretical and clinical training, ENVA is on the list of European establishments recognized as competent by the European Association of Veterinary Education Establishments (EAEVE).

Swiss Medical Group uses mediCAD Web

After already several cooperative projects in France, Telemis and mediCAD Hectec GmbH proudly announce ...
Swiss Medical Group uses the cloud-based application mediCAD Web

Landshut, Germany – April 2020: After already several cooperative projects in France, Telemis and mediCAD Hectec GmbH proudly announce to have partnered with the Swiss Medical Network (SMN) group. The latest product of mediCAD Hectec, mediCAD® Web has been deployed and accessible for SMN group clinics since October 2019.

Osteotomy with mediCAD 3D Spine

mediCAD® 3D Spine offers the planning of osteotomies on the vertebrae

In order to adjust short and long range kyphoses, lordoses and scolioses with the purpose of restoring a harmonic spine profile, mediCAD® 3D Spine offers the planning of osteotomies on the vertebrae.

By specifying individual cuts or cut areas, you can perform one or multiple osteotomies. The resected areas can be moved or rotated as required. All measurements are automatically adjusted and reflect the new situation after performing the correction.

With mediCAD 3D Shoulder - Automatic, simple and accurate measuring methods

mediCAD® 3D Shoulder the individual implant components may be assembled...

Through the convenience of the mediCAD® 3D Shoulder the individual implant components may be assembled and placed in the 3D model (CT scan of the patient) using the implant configurator. Here, you can filter your implants based on manufacturer, type, material, size or include only your personal or used in the clinic favorites.

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