mediCAD is a open planning system for all manufacturers of imaging and storing systems that is already in use at over 3,000 locations. Here are some of the user reports that have been send to us.

Klinikum rechts der Isar plans orthopedic surgery with mediCAD®
A report by Dr. Franz Liska and Dr. Kay Eichelberg, Klinikum rechts der Isar, TU München
"The company picks up on this development with the new capability for three-dimensional planning using the mediCAD Hip® 3D and mediCAD Knee® 3D modules..."... (2017)

Shaping the future - 3D computer-assisted surgical planning in spine surgery
A report by Visiting Lecturer Dr. Maximilian Reinhold
Surgical planning performed with digital planning software like mediCAD Spine® 3D resembles good flight preparation: all the necessary surgical procedures with the implants required for the surgery are ‘simulated,’ i.e. played through mentally in their entirety... (2017)

Quantum leap in digital orthopedic surgery planning - planning in 3D
The Orthopedics I Clinic at the St. Franziskus Hospital in Cologne-Ehrenfeld has been using digital planning for entire orthopedic prostheses since 2006. The mediCAD® software from the mediCAD Hectec company has proven itself as a two-dimensional planning tool ... (2017)

Significant benefits of digital planning, St. Petersburg, Russia
Just one year after Nikiforov Hospital in St. Petersburg was built, it converted from conventional template-based planning to digital planning in 2013. They chose mediCAD... (2016)

Digital pre-op planning integral to core values
The St. Nikolaus Abbey Hospital Andernach lives by the words Considerate, Competent, and Humane. This emergency and academic teaching hospital is part of the University of Bonn... (2016)

Digital planning at Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics, Riga, Latvia
The Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopaedics in cooperation with University of Latvia has been using the mediCAD® digital planning solution since late 2007... (2016)

Greater certainty with digital pre-op planning - A report from Kreisklinik Gross-Gerau
For hip prosthetics, in particular, digital planning allows for precise estimation of the shaft circumference.
Ali Noufal, acting Chief Doctor, explains: "With this software I can perform precise estimations of how much I can rasp without the risk of splitting the shaft. Digital planning gives me much greater peace of mind than the old method of radiographs and templates."... (2015)

Krankenhaus Nordwest in Frankfurt uses mediCAD®
According to Dr. Degelmann, "Those of us with decades of experience doing endoprosthetics can look at the radiograph and see immediately what's going on. For younger doctors, digital planning is a great way to learn and practise." The flexible structure of the program is ideal... (2015)

Functional Benefits - Digital planning opens new doors
The German Army Hospital in the city of Ulm has been using the mediCAD Classic® digital planning solution from Hectec GmbH for about four years. In addition to the benefits of secure documentation, the hospital has discovered numerous functional advantages of using this software... (2014)

Occupational Injury Clinic in Tübingen chooses mediCAD
Surgeons who utilize digital planning enjoy numerous benefits, including secure storage of the planning data, time savings, and higher quality. But for Dr. Steffen Schröter, Head of the Sports Traumatology and Arthroscopic Surgery department at the Occupational Injury Clinic in Tübingen, Germany, the real benefits of digital planning come from the new opportunities it provides... (2014)

The value of patient involvement
Dr. Peter Keppler's practice for surgical orthopedics and traumatology (Ulm, Germany) discovers unanticipated benefits of mediCAD®. The decision to use mediCAD was made easier by its compatibility with the GEMED-PACS system, economical long-term financing, and the guarantee of ongoing maintenance and support... (2014)

Digital planning enables precise documentation and reduces uncertainty
Department Head Dr. med. Jörg Tinsel considers time savings to be the lessor of the benefits of digital planning: „Now we can better document our planning, removing a great deal of uncertainty.“ Users like the system for its functionality and because it contains all of the necessary features... (2014)

Paracelsus Hospitals use digital planning from Hectec
Paracelsus Hospitals have been using the mediCAD Classic planning program since early 2014. Digital planning optimizes treatment quality, in particular, and is a major foundation for certification. hectec GmbH developed the program specifically for orthopedic surgeons and hospitals..... (2014)

University Hospital in Bonn making use of digital OP planning by Hectec
The clinic and policlinic for trauma surgery and orthopedics of the University Hospital in Bonn has been successfully using the planning program "mediCAD Classic" since 2012. For prosthetics revision especially, digitally planning is able to optimize the treatment quality and is an essential aspect for certification. The program was developed by hectec GmbH for orthopedic surgeons and hospitals.... (2013)

Dr. med. Wolfgang Zinser, St. Vinzenz Hospital, Dinslaken
The new FAI module will be launched in just a few weeks as part of the new mediCAD version 2.55. It was developed in close cooperation with Dr. med. Wolfgang Zinser (St. Vinzenz Hospital, Dinslaken). Combining the FAI module with other modules, e.g. in order to insert hip implants or perform a leg length correction, is also possible at any time... (2013)

Prof. Dr. Christian W. A. Pfirrmann, head physician of radiology at Balgrist University Hospital in Zürich
In 2011, Balgrist University Hospital in Zürich switched to a centrally-operated PACS with individual tenants for multiple institutions, commonly known as a “multi-site PACS”. Since that time, it has also been using the mediCAD orthopedic planning system. The ability to work together with a contemporary system for digital operation planning and documentation was a major factor in selecting the PACS... (2012)

Dr. Pierre Göbel, Department Head in Bonn University Hospital
One of the specialization of the Bonn University Hospital in Germany are the revision prosthetics areas. Each year, they implant approximately 600 knee and hip prostheses, approximately 50% of which are replacement endoprostheses. The hospital has been using the mediCAD® orthopedic planning solution from hectec since 2012 when they replaced their older conventional planning system.

Dr. Rudolf Ascherl, Head Physician for orthopedics at Bethanien Zeisigwald Clinics in Chemnitz, Germany
Precision planning of hip operations with advanced digital tools. "mediCAD" is an advanced, computerized planning system in use around the world. With this solution, the surgeon uses common digital radiographs to plan prostheses entirely on a computer screen... (2011)

Prof. Dr. med. Ulf Schlegelmilch, Arthroplasty Center for Orthopädie/Unfall- and Reconstructive Surgery Central Clinic Suhl
Endoprosthetic replacement of the hip joint has a significant influence on the biomechanics of the pelvic-leg region as well as on the spinal column and - ultimately - on the overall structure of the human body... (2008)

Dr. Jürgen Babisch, Orthopaedic Clinic of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena
Every year 800 to 900 patients receive a total hip endoprosthesis at the Orthopaedic Clinic of the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. Primary coxarthrosis represents the vast majority of cases, with dysplastic coxarthrosis accounting for approximately 10% of all cases. Particularly with this group of patients, implantation of an artificial joint in order to remove the pathological joint situation requires intense pre-operative preparation... (2008)