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Version - 1.9

List of all new features...

You need more flexibility in your preoperative planning process with mediCAD®? You’d like to stay mobile, plan anywhere and anytime and still rely on the features of mediCAD®?
No problem!

mediCAD® Web will allow you to access your planning/application from anywhere via the browser. mediCAD® Web is the platform-independent variant of the well-known mediCAD® planning tool.

Your advantages:

Flexibility through the possibility to access the application/planning through the inter-net browser from wherever you want.
Efficiency due to a reduced workflow as well as automated and dynamic measurements.
Clarity thanks to a very simple, modern and easy to understand user interface as well as an intuitive planning process.
Cost savings because of a central user administration and a simple administration via the server.
Audit-compliance due to the certification as a medical device with the possibility to save the planning through the hospital PAC system in an audit-proof manner.

Available modules:

Hip 2D:
The "Hip 2D" module in mediCAD® Web allows you to efficiently achieve a planning outcome for your total hip replacement planning. The automated landmark detection proposes the placement of the most important measurement points, enabling you to rapidly insert the implants.



Knee 2D:
You can plan total knee replacements using the “Knee 2D” module. Potential axial malalignments can be determined and corrected during planning. This enables preoperative and post-operative assessment of corrections to the transmission of force throughout the leg.


Osteotomy 2D:
The "Osteotomy" module allows you to plan single- or multistage corrective femoral or tibial osteotomies, using either an open wedge or closed wedge technique. Axial malalignments are determined independently and are automatically or manu-ally corrected. Suitable components for osteosynthesis, such as nails, plates, or screws, can conveniently be selected from a database.


mediCAD® Web, with all of its modules, is also directly integrated into the Siemens teamplay platform, allowing it to be seamlessly added to your workspace.

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