The subject of logistical connection is becoming increasingly important to you and your customers. You incur high costs and additional effort especially with respect to the maintenance of consignment warehouses. It is mostly small-scale manufacturers who are unable to meet these requirements.
The disadvantage experienced until now was the time-consuming storage process starting from surgery planning to the operation itself. There are also often delays during this process if an implant is not in stock. In light of this, we are now introducing the new "Logistical connection/processing" project. This reduces, or even does away with the need to maintain the consignment warehouse and ensures implant request handling just-in-time wherever possible.

Potential new logistics paths

A new way with just-in-time logistics
Current logistical procedures are intended to be replaced with "just-in-time" logistics. Customers plan their surgeries as usual using mediCAD® 2D or mediCAD® 3D and decide on the best implants. The selection is now automatically and simultaneously transmitted to the implant manufacturer. The request is processed and the implants are sent automatically to the customer in time for the scheduled operation. The data are now transferred automatically and not manually. Surgery can now commence without any issues on site. The consignment warehouse can be terminated and the required implants are delivered just-in-time.

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