3D Shoulder*

Ensure security and confidence in shoulder surgery planning

mediCAD® 3D Shoulder* is an easy-to-use software solution that allows the surgeon to easily create a plan for any situation. The software gives you the option to carry out various measurements, select the appropriate implants and automatically place them in the proper position.


With the new module mediCAD® 3D Shoulder*, you can use a promising approach to plan the joint replacement before the operation using a high-resolution, three-dimensional CT image. In this way, the most suitable implant dimensions such as the Glenoid and the stem can be positioned precisely.

Academic papers should be substantiated and proven in a simpler and more rapid manner without taking a lot of time. The discussion and coordination achieved during everyday work in the clinic will become clearer and more transparent and will achieve a verifiable increase in quality and quality assurance. Read our user reports. A well thought out product concept and simple operation will win you over. You can benefit from the implant database that is updated every month and the modern digital product catalogue for implant care. Arrange a free and non-binding demonstration of our system - we will convince you. We very much hope that we have piqued your interest and look forward to receiving your inquiry.

mediCAD Shoulder 3D

The following features are available:

• Anatomical 3D and 2D viewing
• Segmentation of the shoulder joint
• Individual prosthesis
• Exact assessment of the glenoid type
• Determination of the size of the glenoid
• Determination of the inclination angle
• Simple and accurate measuring procedures
• Rotational alignment
• Medial Head offset
• ROM (Range of Motion) simulation
• Cranio-caudal and anterior-posterior centering
• Simple selection and exact positioning of implants
• Transparent view for better detection of the planned position
• Increased accuracy when selecting the implant
• Distance and bone contact visualization
• Digital documentation
• Data export for 3D printing of body areas
• Thieme eRef Integration

mediCAD Shoulder

Simko Ali - Product manager 3D Shoulder: "A variety of causes solve problems with the shoulder joint and an operative therapy should never be taken lightly. Therefore, a thorough understanding of complicated anatomical structures is very importance in deciding how an operation can be carried out optimally. With our preoperative planning software mediCAD® 3D Shoulder*, we make this decision easier for you."

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*Not cleared for the US market.