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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
You are obliged by law to perform pre-operative planning, but time constraints at your clinic to make this virtually impossible. Digital imagery represents the future of the profession, so digital planning must keep pace with current - and future - requirements. Scientific work should be substantiated by up-to-date imagery that is available quickly and without wasted time.
Whether your focus is on scientific research or day-to-day activities in a clinic, mediCAD® makes your life easier with a well thought out approach and straightforward operation.

The system is developed in collaboration with doctors for doctors.
For you and your patients, this means:

• The world's first and most widely used planning program.
• More than 20.000 clinical users worldwide.
• Incorporation of the most common planning methodologies.
• Modular design with highly effective expansion modules.
• Easy of use
• Ready for immediate use in 23 languages.
• Legally secure documentation of all processes.
• Time savings of up to 85% compared to conventional planning.
• More than 130 international implant manufacturers already integrated.
• mediCAD® is certified according to the 93/42/EWC and EN ISO 13485 directives and approved as a medical product.
• 510(k) clearance for mediCAD was granted by the FDA (K170702)
• mediCAD® is continuously developed in collaboration with doctors, for doctors.
• Special high-performance modules are available.
• On the market for more than 21 years.

Made in Germany!

mediCAD® is currently available in 23 languages:

Bulgarian | Chinese | Danish | German | English | French | Italian | Japanese | Croatian | Dutch | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Russian | Swedish | Slovenian | Spanish | Thai | Czech | Turkish | Hungarian

See for yourself what makes mediCAD® so effective!
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