Web Knee

The knee module can be used to plan knee prostheses. Possible axial misalignments can be determined and corrected during planning. This makes it possible to evaluate a correction of the force application on the whole leg preoperatively and postoperatively.

Manual planning:
The following dimensions can be carried out with manual planning:
• Hip joint center over 3 points
Web Knee Manuelle Planung • Trochanter Major
• Knee base Femur
• Knee base tibia
• Ankle Joint Base
• Femoral shaft axis
• Tibia shaft axis
• Preoperative knee measurements:
   - aMPFA / - mLPFA / - mLDFA / - mMPTA / - mLDTA
   - JLCA / - AMA / - Mikulicz line
   - FSA-mTA / - mFA-mTA
• Knee correction:
   - Adjustment of the femur and tibia resection,
   and angulation
   - Varus / Valgus correction
• General measurements:
   - distance
   - Angle over 3 points
   - Angle over 4 points
Cups and shafts can then be inserted and adjusted via an intuitive implant workflow. Osteosyntheses can also be inserted.

In addition to the PACS export of a planning, mediCAD® Web offers the physician the possibility to generate a Pdf report and save it locally. This report contains all information about:
• Patient data
• OP Data
• inserted implants
• performed measurements
• Pre-operative and planning images