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mediCAD OR Spine

The new way of intraoperative matching for intraoperative assessment of orthopedic spine procedures.

Coming soon (2022)

mediCAD® OR Spine is a module for the visual, intraoperative control of surgical and orthopedic interventions in spinal surgery.
The basic requirement is a prefabricated planning with mediCAD® 3D Spine, which is used to compare the actual status during surgery.
The mediCAD® OR software is intended for installation on a mobile C-arm.

The required image data are made available intraoperatively via the images of the mobile C-arm.
The previous mediCAD® planning called up on the intraoperative device (C-arm) in mediCAD® OR. Target and actual matching then takes place intraoperatively in several steps.


• Intraoperative matching of the mediCAD® planning with live images from the mobile C-Arm.
• 3D imaging of the mobile C-Arm supports the intraoperative quality control.
mediCAD® OR is directly available on the mobile C-Arm during surgery.
• Deviations from target and actual values are directly shown in mediCAD® OR.

mediCAD OR Spine

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