Web Hip

The hip module supports the planning of hip implants. It is based on common, previously manual planning methods of hip endoprosthetics using x-rays and prosthesis templates.

*** With the latest version 1.9, automatic hip planning is also possible with .jpeg or .png files, allowing greater flexibility in the selection of image data. ***

Automatic planning:
Web Hip Planung

After choosing the body side, the following landmarks automatically:
• reference line
• Leg length difference
• Femoral shaft axis left/right
• Trochanter Major left/right
• Hip joint center left/right
• Cut out the femur
• Femoral Offset

Recognized points can be adjusted manually if necessary. After confirmation of the landmarks, cups and shafts can be inserted directly. mediCAD® Web offers with this module a very fast and efficient endoprosthetic preoperative planning.

Manual planning:
The following dimensions can be carried out with manual planning:
Web Hip Manuelle Planung • Hip Joint Center
• over 2 points
• over 3 points
• Free
• Femoral shaft axis
• Femoral neck axis
• CCD Angle
• Cut out the femur
• Reference line
• Leg length difference
• Femoral Offset
• Acetabular offset
• General measurements
• Distance
• Angle over 3 points
• Angle over 4 points

Cups and shafts can then be inserted and adjusted via an intuitive implant workflow.

PDF- Report:
Besides the PACS export of a planning, mediCAD® Web offers the physician the possibility to generate a pdf report and save it locally. This report contains all information about:
• patient data
• OP Data
• inserted implants
• performed measurements
• Pre-operative and planning images